What Should You Drink To Be Healthy


Everybody has heard that carbonated drinks do not contribute exactly to good health, but the latest research proves just how awful they are. Sugary sodas cause around 8000 cases of diabetes per year, and even sugar in unsweetened fruit juices should be considered added sugar, say the scientists.

For those who dislike plain water, what is there healthy to drink? Here are some suggestions to stay hydrated and to remain healthy at the same time.

Flavoured water

One of the solutions for the lack of attractive taste in water is just to spike water (mineral or carbonated) with natural flavourings. The easiest way is to mash fresh fruit and/or herbs in the bottom of a glass – try apricots, melon, banana or wild berry with mint, basil, or even thyme – and add generously ice and water. Of course, lemon juice over ice also works with plain, mineral or tonic water.

Diluted fruit juice

Unsweetened fruit juice is has quite a lot of natural sugar but adding water makes it a healthier option. You can dilute one part fruit juice in four parts of water – but be warned that the taste is not that strong, and of course you lose the sweetness of the drink, which is good.

Vegetable smoothie

Preparing your own vegetable smoothie is quite an interesting alternative to juices. Little lemon juice or vinegar mellows the taste of almost all vegetables. Especially useful and healthy as smoothies or vegetable juices are the avocado, cucumber and celery, and in case you prefer kinda stronger taste you can use also some ginger in the smoothie mix.

Iced tea

No, we’re not talking about ready-made bottles of iced tea. Instead just prepare lots of of herbal or flavoured in any way tea and consume it chilled. Fruit teas are especially suitable to this treatment – with lots of nice ready blends – but you can make a strong black or flavoured batch of tea and top it up with carbonated water for a fruit tea soda. In really hot days cold green tea with a orange slice on rocks has a nice refreshing taste.

Flavoured milk

Ready flavoured milk in shops is full of preservatives, so it’s better if you make your own home-made version by mixing cow’s milk (or almond’s milk for the lactose intolerant) with fruit juice, fruit pulp or carbonated water. You can spin a healthy dose of milk in a blender with a little vanilla, cinnamon or dates, or add a couple of strawberries, banana or other fruit for a milky fruit shake.

Coconut water

As long as it is unflavoured and contains no sweeteners, coconut water is an excellent option. And it contains lots of electrolytes for better heart health.

Iced coffee

Cold black coffee mixed with ice and/or milk is nice quenching thirst drink that is particularly suitable for those who actively work out. Caffeine improves alertness and performance so this is a drink that is perfect both for heading to the gym or the office.


This fermented tea is gaining popularity mostly because of its health benefits. It is made by adding a culture of bacteria and yeast to a tea infusion, and it is not exactly sugar-free but still contains less sweeteners than any carbonated drink.