15 Simple But Clever Works of Design You Didn’t Know You Needed


Humanity has reached its peak and some examples of clever industrial design are here to prove it. Most of these are for everyday stuff you wouldn’t even notice, but with just a small twist to make them incredibly useful. Because it’s the small touch that matters, right?

So here are some everyday design objects we usually take for granted – ubiquitous but often overlooked, such as benches, doors, elevators, etc. Of course you don’t have to be a designer to appreciate their usefulness!

A park bench equipped with an umbrella-holding sculpture to keep you dry when it rains or snows, and to provide shadow under the bright sun.

An elevator where the desired floor button is activated by kicking. Especially useful when your hands are full.

A fountain where the drainage water flows down to fill a bowl which your dog could drink from.

Those ski resort chairs that have dedicated space where you can put your helmet and gloves. (But there’s always a risk to forget them…)

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